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Civil Campaign for Relief

During the July 12th - August 15th, 2006 Israeli aggression against Lebanon, 05AMAM joined forces with 4 other NGOs under the umbrella of the Civil Campaign for Relief (CCR). Although not previously engaged in humanitarian activities, 05AMAM, LADE (The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections), LTA (The Lebanese Transparency Association), LCPS (The Lebanese Center for Policy Studies) and WIT (Women in IT) launched the civil society-led initiative Civil Campaign for Relief and turned their attention to the humanitarian tragedy that unfolded, taking care of nearly 14,500 internally displaced people, providing immediate assistance (mattresses, blankets, food, water, sanitation, medicines and psychological support) during the 34-day conflict.

Following the cease-fire and the return of the displaced to South Lebanon and Beirut’s southern suburbs, the CCR team launched its children's activities in the south on Friday 1st of September in Deir Qanoon. The centre provides children’s activities every weekend for 120 children. Other similar centres are about to be launched in other parts of South Lebanon.

Furthermore, CCR has also set-up 3 mobile water treatment units and 2 medical clinics in the regions of Marjeyoun/Hasbaya & Bint Jbeil to provide assistance to the local affected populations.
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