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On February 17th, a small group of Lebanese citizens spontaneously start a petition asking for the government to resign. The petition quickly grows and becomes 400 meters long in 4 days. It covers a large part of the ground facing the burial site of Prime Minister R. Hariri and his companions and carries the signatures of tens of thousands of Lebanese.

Part of this group, joined by others, will then go on to manage the « Al Mujtamah Al Madani 05 » tent within Freedom Camp in Martyr’s Square, during 66 days, from February 24th till April 30th.

In coordination with the various groups present onsite, and thanks to the financial support of 215 individuals and 75 companies, the « Al Mujtamah Al Madani 05 » group centralized the logistics and the distribution to all tents in a neutral and fair manner of: 390 blankets, 40 tent covers, 10 tents, 350 mattresses, 75.000 sandwiches, 60.000 soft drinks & water, as well as vital commodities (paper tissues, candles, fire extinguishers, battery-operated TVs, camping gas, gas lamps, wood, garbage bags, glasses and cups, tea, coffee, sugar…). We also financed 9 weeks of maintenance for 6 chemical bathrooms and the purchase of 2 of them, the production of a 125 meter-long security barrier, as well as the free distribution of 20.000 Lebanese flags, 10.000 scarves, 10.000 pins, 2.000 bracelets, 400 T-shirts, and 40.000 stickers. Finally, on the evening of April 29, we offered a hot banquet for the 500 “Guardians of Freedom Square”.

Improvised petition demanding government resignation. Initiated, among
many others, by some of the people who later founded

Moreover, as part of our action within the camp, we actively participated in maintaining the unity of all groups present on the ground, through continuous dialogue and our ongoing presence, with the objective of federating the different energies around common objectives.

Following the camp’s dismantlement, the “Al Mujtamah Al Madani” group decided to pursue their action and founded 05AMAM.

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